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Hobart’s Run takes a blended, two-part approach to revitalizing our neighborhood and nurturing property pride.  Research shows homeownership contributes notably to community stability. Statistically, homeowners are most likely to be engaged with civic and school district events, neighborhood volunteer work, and home maintenance.  Therefore, we collaborate with realtors and investors to promote homeownership.  However, we also partner with conscientious landlords and responsible tenants who are committed to Pottstown’s revitalization and take pride in their residences and neighborhoods. We especially value the important role of long-time, proud Hobart’s Run families in our shared hometown, and we seek their input and involvement in efforts ranging from cleanup efforts to neighborhood meetings.

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Property Pride

Homeowner Incentive Program (HIP)

Homeowner Incentive Program (HIP), which provides forgivable loans to qualified buyers who are moving out of a rental situation into homeownership in our neighborhood focus area.

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Property Pride

Façade Improvement Grant (FIG) Program

Hobart’s Run's Façade Improvement Grant (FIG) program provides grants toward projects that restore and improve homes’ street appeal.

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"How Can I Help Hobart's Run?"

There are many ways to get involved – from volunteering for a cleanup, participating in neighborhood meetings, serving as a block captain, or making a financial contribution that will help us fund our community initiatives.

Hobart's Run (a 501(c)(3) neighborhood initiative) was launched by The Hill School to create a clean and safe community; foster inclusivity; provide incentives for home ownership and property pride; and generate quality business development.


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