Impeccable Facade Restoration

Sometimes we are lucky enough in life to meet the right people at the right time—folks whose knowledge and goodwill catapult an idea into reality. When ZimRick LLC bought a prominent corner property in Hobart's Run, they became those people.


Wow. Just wow. That's what many must have said as they walked by, shaking their heads in amazement. Others pulled over while driving by to congratulate the workers on a job well done. Neighbors also came out of their houses to express their gratitude and encouragement. Something was being done about an old facade, and was being done right. This was the scene on the 700 block of Beech Street in early April when ZimRick LLC began a facade renovation on a two-unit property they had purchased two months prior. It was a grand old home with good bones, but was covered top to bottom in green asphalt shingles -- the outdated kind that even look bad on roofs. Still, they were mostly in good condition and provided exterior insulation, so the LLC had not planned on doing anything right away -- until they heard about Hobart's Run and the upcoming Pottstown Investors' Conference, an event created to showcase investment opportunities in Pottstown. They knew they could not immediately receive a matching facade grant. They also believed that if they stepped up to make a visible impact through their own investment, others might be inspired to follow suit. As soon as the weather warmed up, they tabled their other construction jobs and put all men on deck to tackle the renovation, thinking they would replace the asphalt shingles with new siding. However, the shingles were covering something much more valuable to the 100-year-old home: original German clapboard. The renovation quickly became a restoration project. After just two weeks of long days and multiple employees working simultaneously, the house exterior transformed into a breathtaking structure, complete with restored clapboard, new porches, artful decor and new landscaping. ZimRick LLC absorbed 100% of the renovation cost. They completed the job in record time for the Pottstown Investors' Conference -- not because they had to, but because they wanted to be that first, showcase facade renovation in Hobart's Run. And they are. Now, when one drives east on Beech Street, rolling down the hill and up again just after N. Adams Street, one drifts to a stop at Grant Street and is greeted by a flawless corner home that welcomes residents and visitors alike while showing pride of home ownership. ZimRick LLC are landlords of various Pottstown properties, and the kind that others should emulate -- the kind that are willing to risk thousands of their own dollars on a neighborhood district intent on community revitalization. Now, thanks to this effort, we are one house closer to that goal.

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